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The Marketing Myth of Triple Scented Candles

If you love soy candles then you have likely heard the term 'triple scented'. People often ask if our soy candles are triple scented as they are thrilled with the scent throw from Essence candles and want to know how I ensure such a far-reaching fragrance. I don’t use the term triple scented in my marketing, as I believe the team is confusing at best and deceptive at its worst.


So what does it mean to have a triple scented candle?

Like most things, the products on offer for candlemakers have come a long way in the last 15-20 years. Paraffin wax was the most readily available wax a while ago and the maximum "fragrance loading" (this is the percentage of fragrance in a candle) was about 3%. Since then, more waxes have come onto the market with better abilities to take on fragrance and give great fragrance. 

Each type of wax has a maximum amount of fragrance that can be added before it reaches saturation point and is unable to hold any more fragrance. If you add more fragrance past a waxes saturation point, it will be detrimental to the candle's burning experience. A soy wax candle that is at full saturation would have around 8-12% fragrance. With this in mind, a company claiming to be "triple scented" would have to add 24-36% fragrance, which in turn would make the candle un-burnable and highly flammable.

So - triple scented candles nowadays are considered "triple the fragrance" when compared to paraffin candles which were on the scene some 15-20 years ago and could only hold 3% of fragrance in the candle. 


A quality soy candle only needs four things....

1. Quality wax

2. Quality fragrance

3.  Quality wick

4.  Research (trial and error) by the candle maker - each fragrance oil varies and it takes a long time of testing to come up with the best % of fragrance to be added to wax for the best hot and cold scent throw.

Is triple scented misleading or a clever marketing technique? You decide!

But you can always trust Essence's candles to be "fully scented" soy wax; a perfect burning candle with a great scent throw.


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