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How to get the Best Burn Times out of your Soy Candle

Please ensure that you allow enough time when you light your candle to get a full 'melt pool' meaning that the wax melts right to the edges of the container, particularly the first time you light it.

Allowing a full melt pool will guarantee an even burn, maximum fragrance throw and means you avoid tunnelling (when the wick burns down but you still have wax on the sides of your candle jar).

Our Medium Geos our Rockstuds or our Trinket jars could take around 1 hour to melt to the edges, whereas our Mini Jars may only take 30 minutes, so it really depends on the size of the candle as to how much time you allow.

Although, in saying that please don’t burn your candle for too long. Usually around 3-4hrs is plenty (or even just 1- 2hrs for our smaller candles).