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NZ Wool Blanket Rejuvenate Service

Essence Rejuvenate is available now!

Do you have a blanket that needs repairs or rejuvenation?

I can do that for you and give your much loved blankets a new lease on life!

A basic Rejuvenate includes:

  • wash and stain removal (where possible)
  • small hole repair or patch
  • blanket edge re-stitch (in colour of your choice)
  • label repair if necessary
  • complete brush both sides  

The process:

  • Send me a photo just so I can confirm your blanket is suitable for this service.  Email address is
  • I will reply with the delivery address to send your blanket to. 
  • Once I receive your blanket I will assess it and check with you for your repair preferences.
  • Allow two weeks for the Rejuvenate service
  • Once complete I will send you a photo of your completed blanket and payment details.
  • Once payment is made we will courier your rejuvenated blanket back to you! 


  • Single-Double Rejuvenate is $50 per blanket plus delivery
  • Queen/King Rejuvenate is $75 per blanket plus delivery 
  • Blanket stitch at both ends only - Single/Double $30 - Queen/King $40                              

NOTE: Rejuvenate service does not include collectable blankets, highly marked items, thinning blankets, Aircell or mohair blankets, numerous moth hole repairs, satin replacement (though I can remove and replace with blanket stitching).

If you are not sure just send us a message, we are happy to discuss!
Christchurch based enquiries we may be able to assess in person.