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Washing Your Wool Blanket

"How do I wash my wool blanket?" 

This is a really common question.  It’s super easy! There is one rule... remember it and you don't even have to read the rest of this article.

1. COLD WATER ONLY - That's it! 

A Few Other Tips


Detergent  Use Liquid Wool Wash.  You can find some nice environmentally friendly ones just at the supermarket.  Use it for your delicates too.

Drying  Wool dries fast. The best way to dry is over a clothes horse or on something flat and aerated.  I prefer this instead of a washing line.  Washing lines leave a sharp crease straight down the middle (don't use pegs as they leave marks on the wool).

Storage Blanket boxes and linen cupboards are the usual choice.  If you use a vacuum bag just make sure the blanket is nice and dry.  Avoid storing on a sun exposed shelf - they may look awesome on your open shelf but they WILL fade on the exposed edge.  This is worth remembering for blankets that are kept in cars or over the backs of sofas too.  I always keep my Travel Car Rug out of direct sunlight.  

Note: Mohair - Same as above but choose the gentle spin/wash.  Just make sure the temperature doesn't default.  Adjust to cold always.

The above instructions are for woven wool blankets specifically.  Knitted wool garments or open weave Aircell Blankets require more gentle care. 

Don’t be intimidated washing your wool blanket.  Just remember the number one rule: Cold water only and your blanket will give you many many years of warm winters, fun picnics and cosy couch evenings.