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Are Our Candles Triple Scented?

You have most likely heard the term 'triple scented' candles. It is not a term we choose to use as we believe it is a little misleading.  But we can assure you that our candles are fully scented soy wax -  clean burning candles with a great scent throw.

So what does 'triple scented' mean?

Essentially, it is a clever marketing myth.

Different waxes are able to hold different loading of fragrances. In the past  paraffin wax was the most common wax used in candle making and the maximum percentage of fragrance in a paraffin candle was about 3%.

Candle making has changed considerably over time and a variety of waxes have come onto the market with better abilities to take on fragrance and give great scent throw. 

A soy wax candle that is at full saturation can have around 8-12% fragrance. So - triple scented candles nowadays are considered "triple the fragrance" when compared to paraffin candles from the past. 

What goes into Essence quality soy wax candles.....

1.  A quality wax

2.  A quality fragrance

3.  A quality wick

4.  Research - each fragrance oil is unique and it takes a lot of testing to come up with the best % of each fragrance to be added to our soy wax to achieve the best scent throw.